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Peacock is a new Universally Launched streaming service of NBC and offers more than 15,000 hours of reality shows reports, sports, as well as hundreds of movies and TV shows, enthralling live shows.

To activate Peacock TV, visit and enter the activation code you get from your device. The application installed on your device restarts and you'll be able to be granted the access to peacock streaming.


You may be wondering about is the activation's significance is? Users who want to stream Peacock on television may choose to make use of the activation number which was provided to by him activation in order to get access to NBC's shows on the internet.

After logging into and registering, an activation number will be sent to you to be entered into the site for activation of for the ability to watch Peacock on television.

What Can I Watch On

There are two options available to view videos on There are two options to watch videos on Peacock as well as Peacock Premium. The first is completely free, while the other option is a paid. Whatever plan you choose you'll be able to stream numerous films, web series television shows, and news channels.

The main benefit of using Peacock Premium is that you can be unlocked for the entire seasons of the most popular shows as well as the exclusive Peacock Original show, as well as next-day broadcasts of the latest NBC and Telemundo show, must-see live sports, such as Premier League, and every show and movie accessible on Peacock.

If you don't wish to be able to watch advertisements while watching shows or movies at is, then you need to make the switch up to Peacock Premium Plus.

This is all you need to be aware of about TV, including how to input activation codes.

How To Enter PeacockTV.Com/TV

As we mentioned earlier there are lots of customers who aren't aware how to obtain activated after making use of the activate code. If you're one of them, take the steps we've listed below.

  • To begin, go to activation official website.

  • Install and download and install the Peacock TV App. Then, open the app on your mobile.

  • After you've successfully launched the application then sign into the application.

  • After logging in, you'll be provided with your activate code.

  • Once you have received your activation code, go to the activation website and enter your activation number.

  • That's it. You've successfully activated your Peacock App on your TV.


  • Find Peacock TV on Roku TV's channel store, then click "Add Channel"

  • Go to your Peacock TV and choose the option to sign in using an activation key.

  • Log in to on your device and input the activation code or you can as well open the app, then scan the barcode using your phone.

  • The NBC classic after it's been enabled by Roku TV. Roku TV.


It is necessary to have an Peacock account in order to start using Peacock to the Apple TV. If you don't have one you can sign with your email on Peacock's website. Peacock. Follow these instructions to join Peacock TV to Apple TV.

  • Start your Apple App Store on the Apple TV and search for Peacock TV. Peacock TV channel

  • Install the app

  • Open the app peacock TV and sign in with your peacock TV credentials.

  • Once you're signed in once you're signed into the Peacock TV app will be loaded and you will be able to use it on the Apple TV.

How do you activate Peacock TV on your phone

To enable Peacock TV on your phone you must follow the steps below;

  • Find Peacock TV on the Peacock TV app on your iOS or Android Play Store.

  • Click the Install button to install.

  • Start the Peacock application you have set up and login with your Peacock TV credentials.

  • After entering your details, select continue.

  • This Peacock TV app will be updated and you are able to access it from your mobile.


The steps below will walk you through the steps of connecting to your account, signing in then activate Peacock TV on your Fire TV.

  • The first step is to look up the channel of your Amazon Fire TV or to download the Peacock TV channel app.

  • Click the install button to install the application.

  • Log into Peacock TV. Sign in to the Peacock TV app you just installed with the details you have provided to your Peacock TV details.

  • If you don't have one you could make one by going to

  • You may also opt to activate your account adding an activation key.

  • Proceed to to activate it. Enter the activation code, which will be displayed on your TV.

  • When you've entered your code, click Continue.

  • The Peacock TV app will be reloaded and allows users to connect to the Amazon Fire TV again.